Monday, July 30, 2007

Holy bajeesus, even more from Eponine????

Okay this blog needs an Official Animal Mascot.

I have narrowed it down to FIVE (5) options. Five fun, shiny options. Pictures will come soon!

1.) Neil the Capybara

2.) Princess Leia the Anteater

3.) Sadye the Sock Monkey

4.) Mr. Sprinkles the Cat

5.) Pringle the Dog


Hairspray... yes, Eponine just saw it in the theater.

She now really wants to be Tracy Turnblad.

Let me give you a brief physical description of, um, me.

Tall-ish, not short. Kind of fat, but not really fat, just pleasantly plump. Has a Katie Holmes hairdo except my hair is "toasted marshmallow" color. Golden brown. Swims well and is kind of fast when I'm not in flip flops or birkenstocks which is less than 1/2 the time because they're really comfy. Some zits but not a lot usually. BOY CRAZY!!! :) lolz!

Love, Eponine

Rehearsal video

I just uploaded the video with our first rehearsal recording to youtube.

There's a time limit on videos so it's in 2 parts.

Here's part 1

And here's part 2

It's not much but the next one will probably have graphics during it.

Sunday, July 29, 2007


I just set up a Youtube account for the film here

I'll be uploading some videoes with our rehearsal tracks on them soon.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

How do you do.

This is Eponine. I am in Virgina on my dad's laptop. I've got 9% bat left, which sucks, and I have to go play video games with a hot guy. Just an updatey on me. Lots of luvvies, Eppy

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Draven is tired.

Yup. I am tired. Why am I posting this? I don't know. Huh.


...whaa? knuffle, i'm scared now.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Hi people, it's Red again

ok sooo about me................ I'm funny, sometimes very random and a cool person. Now yes I do get to marry someone but everyone says we can't reveal who it is and all these other rules like bla bla bla I don't pay attention so I can't think of anything else to say so bye.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

I'm finnaly here.........

Are ya happy now... So anyways I finally decide to join k....

M's director diary #1

I'm here to talk about the movies history. It all started long ago, in a galaxy extremely close. The plot was a collaboration of an idea I had involving a band, and an idea Eponine had, involving a group of actors. Now however it's pretty much just Eponine's idea, but thats fine with me.

Friday, July 13, 2007

I from Arrabella!!!

Hi again!!I'm Arabella as you know!!!And I'm a musical freak like most of my co-stars I also spend time with my many pets which are a snake 3 dogs a cat 2 birds and a hamster!When I'm not takeing care of them I'm either singing with my lovely voice trying to contact my real life boyfriend Adam who is not my boyfriend in the movie playing my saxophone reading watching a movie prcticeing for the many plays I'm in this summer danceing or playing with my besterest buddies who happed to be imaganary Gerard MIkey Frankie Ray And bob!I have brown hair in real life but I will dye my hair black for the movie!XP!!!!My eyes are brown and I have glasses but I REFUSE to wear them while filmimg!I have a few fun scenes in the movie were I get to sing a solo!!!Well I guess I'm the prepy girl in the movie!!!Even though I'm a total emo in real life!

PLays I'm doing this summer

who am I in it
Mark(Yes a guy but hey I can sing his parts perfectly!)
Sandy(yyyyaaaay main girl role)
Harry potter 1 2 3 and 4
Harry Potter(Yup anthor guy but I look sorta like him but i have to wear a wig in the play!)
There all small neighboorhood plays but hey I like being in plays1

greetings from M

Settle down my adoring fans, it is I, M.

Where to begin? I'm a musical fanatic, my favorite musical is "The Producers", although I never got to see it on broadway. I seem to fall asleep a lot, I hope I'm not narcaleptic. I hope to one day be a broadway producer. In the film I marry one of the women in it but I don't want to reveal who just yet.


Heyz from Ep

Heyz! It's Eponine with my STATZ!

I am pretty tall at about 5"9. I have browny hair and a really cute face. I love coconut. I'm into plays, musicals, romance novels, and writing and stuff. When I grow up, I'm going to have a dog named Dog because I don't really own him he just showed up and be a total extrovert and play a guitar on my windowsill and eat pita pockets and drink mini-water bottles at my leisure. I know French, German, Italian, English, Japaneese, Latin, Chinese, Swahili, Spanish, Maori, Ka-Tuk-Tok-Tok-Shle, and Cat. My middle name is Elisabeth-Anne-Katrina. My best friends are Arabella and Draven and M and Red and Hattie. I get married to a guy in the end but you can't know who right now. I guess you could say I'm the brains of the outfit.

Yeah, I'm a freeking dweeb. Whatevs. <3, eponine


HI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I'm Arabela!!!!!!!!!!!In the movie/play thingy I'm the weird squrile loveing one!!!YAAAY ME!!!!So HI!!!And I think I should dye my hair black and hot pink for my role

Greetings from Draven. Hello!

Hello. My name is Draven O'Shaunessy. Well, it is in the movie. And I just have to say something. HA!!! I PUT MY LAST NAME ON HERE!!! Yeah, so anyway, I am the super cool goth/emo of the thespian club. I enjoy reading, listening to my iPod, scaring Red, and putting things on M's face while he sleeps. I don't like country music, strangers, or the color pink. My best friend is Arabella because when we grow up, we're gonna take over the Earth. I get married in the end of the movie to somebody who's name will not be told until Eponine says it's ok. Oh, yeah, the kinds of plays I like are tradgedy and romance. One of my favorite movies is Phantom of the Opera because it is so cool.

I have to go now. See you around...


How-de-do. Eponine here, aka Ep, wit some announcements for mah buddies.

1. The newsletter should come out sometime tonight (hope hope!)
2.The script will get a HUGE-NORMUS re-editing! Chillax, it should be finished by August 20!

I want everyone to write a profile about their character. Doesn't have to go by the script, just make it as real (and as like you in real life!) as you can. That will totally help the Revision Process. Okay, it's worth 500,000,000,000 extra credit points, and from the looks of my gradebook, everyone needs those five hundred bajillion points. Okay, have fun mah peeps.

ALSO: Please label your posts with your name, guys! Thanks!

Love, Eponine


I am not sure what character I currently am. As far as I know, I am playing Hattie but Emma knows my...concerns about the look the person playing that role. Wow, this makes me sound smart and sofisticated. Maybe I should write like this all the time.

Thursday, July 12, 2007


Hi, i'm M. Well thats my characters name at least. I also happen to be directing this film. I don't want to say much about the plot at this point but I will say that it's about some thespians that need to raise some money. I will probably update about once a week. Until then see ya.

Hello! We Are Online!

Hi there! This is the Official Blog of the Secret Life of Thespians, run by me, Eponine, and posted on by Red and M and Arabella and Hattie and thusforth. To sign up for the Official TSLOT Newsletter, please contact me at: Okay, more later!