Wednesday, August 8, 2007


Yes, I am aware that the title sounds like a bad children's "independent reader" book.

As of right now Mr. Sprinkles the cat is winning for our mascot.

Now, I want everyone to understand that since the Mr. Sprinkles from Acceptable TV scares small children, we will be using a normal cat named Mr. Sprinkles.

Also, Acceptable TV Mr. Sprinkles scares ME.

So this is our Mr. Sprinkles. Tomorrow he may be our mascot. Who knows. Yes, he is super-adorable.

Loves, Eponine


MCRJonvi said...

Wheee! He's so cute! I VOTED FOR HIM!!!

M said...

Since Mr. Sprikles won I say that cat in the movie should be credited as Mr. Sprinkles.

star chick said...